Charlotte Lucas, Basic Character Information

Basic Information:

Age: 27, as of the beginning of the novel

Primary Residence: Meryton (before her father became a knight); Lucas Lodge (after Sir William purchased it up until her marriage); Hunsford Parsonage (after her marriage to Mr. Collins); Longbourn (presumably, after Mr. Bennet dies)

Spouse: William Collins
Children: Is expecting at the end of the novel
Other Family: Charlotte is the eldest child of Sir William Lucas and Lady Lucas who have several other children including at least two sons and two daughters (one of whom is Maria Lucas).

Physical Characteristics: Charlotte has never been handsome.

Personality Characteristics: Charlotte is described as being sensible and intelligent. She does not consider herself to be a romantic and marries a man whom she does not love or respect because she does not wish to become an old maid and he is the first man to show an interest in marrying her. After her marriage, she makes the best of things by arranging her household so that she does not necessarily need to spend much time with her husband and by pretending not to hear his more cringe-worthy comments.

What to call her:

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