Georgiana Darcy, Basic Character Information

Basic Information:

Age: 16 as of August, when she is described as being "little oversixteen" in Darcy's famous letter he states that she was "but fifteen" the previous summer. Both of those descriptors make me think that her birthday likely takes in the spring or summer, partially because it makes Wickham all the more evil.

Guardians: Fitzwilliam Darcy (her brother) & Colonel Fitzwilliam (her cousin)

Primary Residence: In London during the events of the novel and at Pemberley following her brother's marriage.

Physical Characteristics: Georgiana is tall, with a formed figure and a womanly and graceful appearance. She is less handsome than her brother, but with good humor in her face.

Personality Characteristics: Georgiana is timid, prone to embarrassment and "exceedingly shy" but frequently misunderstood as being "exceedingly proud." Her manners are described as being unassuming and gentle. She is also eager to please her brother, who she looks up to almost as a second father (according to him) and writes a very long letter detailing her happiness when he becomes engaged to Elizabeth.

Accomplishments: Georgiana sings, plays the piano and the harp, paints and draws. This should not be considered a comprehensive list.

What to call her:

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