Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Basic Character Information

Basic Information:

Maiden Name: Fitzwilliam

Age: Unknown, but old enough to have a grown daughter.

Primary Residence: Rosings Park, Kent

Spouse: Sir Lewis de Bourgh
Children: Anne de Bourgh
Other Family: She is the aunt of Colonel Fitzwilliam and Fitzwilliam and Georgiana Darcy and the sister of Colonel Fitzwilliam's father and Darcy's mother.

Physical Characteristics: Lady Catherine is a tall, large woman who might have once been handsome.

Personality Characteristics: Lady Catherine enjoys meddling in other people's business, apparently out of the belief that she knows what is best for everyone. She also expects them to obey her suggestions. Lady Catherine is also very well aware of her own high rank in society and expects that deference be paid to her because of it.

What to call her:

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