Mr. Gardiner, Basic Character Information

Mr. Gardiner is Mrs. Bennet's sensible and intelligent brother.

Basic Information:

Given Name: Edward

Age: Unknown, his wife is described as being younger than his sisters, but that doesn't mean that he necessarily is.

Primary Residence: London, in Gracechurch Street somewhere near Cheapside and within view of his own warehouses.

Spouse: M. Gardiner
Children: two girls, ages 6 and 8 (as of July) and two younger boys, with the possibility that they may have more

Income source: "A very respectable line of trade"

Hobbies: is fond of fishing

Physical Characteristics: Unknown

Personality Characteristics: Mr. Gardiner is a sensible and gentlemanlike man with easy and pleasant manners. He is described as being superior to his sister due to a combination of nature (natural ability) and education. He also shows himself to be conscientious and responsible during the course of Lydia's elopement.

What to call him:

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