Fanny Price, Basic Character Information

Basic Information:

Given Name: Fanny Price, though it is very possible that she was actually christened Frances Price

Age: 10 years old when introduced, 15 when Mr. Norris dies and Sir Thomas goes to Antigua and 18 when the Crawfords come to visit their sister at the Parsonage.

Primary Residence: Mansfield Park

Spouse: Edmund Bertram (at the end of the novel)
Parents: Frances (Fanny) Price and Mr. Price
Siblings: William, Susan, Tom, Charles, Betsy
Aunts and Uncles: Sir Thomas Bertram and Lady (Maria) Bertram and Mr. and Mrs. Norris.
The four young Bertrams: Tom, Edmund, Maria and Julia; all of whom are older than Fanny

Physical Characteristics:As a child, Fanny is described as being small, not a striking beauty with an awkward but not vulgar air and a sweet voice.

As an adult, Fanny is very pretty with a good figure and countenance but tires quickly from all exercise except horseback riding.

Personality Characteristics: Fanny is a quiet and conscientious character, frequently timid, willing to let herself be walked over by her more vibrant and forceful relatives and not accustomed to giving her own opinion. She is also intelligent and insightful and lives by a strict moral code that has made many Austen fans and reviewers consider her to be prudish.

What to call her:

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